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Welcome to Villa Conte

Are you thinking about the perfect vacation during those hot summer days, a vacation that will bestow you with unique moments of pleasure and satisfaction? Well stop right there!

Villa Conte
Obitelj Carić
Otok Hvar
Borova šuma

Be bold enough in your hedonism and experience the genuine Mediterranean vacation made available to you by Carić family at their villa Conte. Villa Conte is situated on the southern part of the island Hvar, in pinewood, only 100 meters from the sea. These advantages render the experience of the azure pure Mediterranean Sea, the scent of which is carried by light summer breeze, as well as provide you to enjoy the view of the scenery of the nearby islands of Vis, Korčula ans Šćedro.

If you want to experience every moment in your life and appreciate every detail, you will love every moment of your vacation here, while enjoying the unforgettable sunsets, crystal clear sea, traditional Dalmatian meals and untouched nature. Carić family is here to lead you through the display of pleasures that will enrich your life and raise the standards of your pleasure.


In order to make your vacation at villa Conte as pleasant as possible, Carić family has made an effort to adjust the surroundings to your character and needs. Namely, there are 7 different apartments modernly equipped to ease your everyday worries. Each of the apartments disposes of its own uniqueness and by means of its harmony finds its way towards you.

Mediteranska kuhinja
Dalmatinska kuhinja
Svježa riba
Izvorna dalmatinska jela

Unique gastronomy

We all know that the Old Romans were the greatest gourmets and hedonists of all times, whereas all the ingredients that they needed for their exquisite gastronomic experience, they found exactly in these regions around the Mediterranean. Follow their lead and discover the charms of the traditional Mediterranean cuisine. The nature on Hvar, untouched by the industry, offers the best and the healthiest that nature can give. It awards you with top-quality fruits and vegetables. Dalmatian cuisine is based on fresh fish and seafood from the Adriatic, traditionally prepared virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables and the incomparable aroma of the indigenous Hvar herbs. We put special emphasize on the wine, traditionally made from one of the most noble sorts of grapes, plavac mali, well-known in all parts of the world.

Bestow upon your palate the ultimate experience of pleasure in the taste of Hvar culinary fantasies and achievements.

Bon appetit!

Villa Conte
Obitelj Carić
Otok Hvar
Borova šuma
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